O2 land exclusivity of the Palm Pre in the UK

Two of the world's hottest smartphones now on O2's books

O2 land exclusivity of the Palm Pre in the UK
The US has been enjoying Palm's rebirth in the shape of the Pre for a couple of weeks now, though we've had little word on any UK release of the anticipated device.

It's now been revealed, however, that O2 has staved off fierce competition to land the exclusivity contract for the Pre. Orange is said to have been the other major contender for the handset in the UK, which must be feeling particularly sore considering O2 managed to wangle the iPhone from it at the last minute, too.

According to The Guardian, Palm has moved around 300,000 Pre's in the US and is believed to be recovering the handheld computing pioneer's fortunes nicely.

O2 has yet to comment, so there's no news as to a release date or price point yet.

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