LG preparing new 'Black label' handset to rival the iPhone

Could be with us this year

LG preparing new 'Black label' handset to rival the iPhone
Korean electronics giant LG has put out a couple of handsets recently that rival the iPhone in terms of appearance, but definitely aren't the smartphone devices required to take it on in the technical arena.

In an interview with Yonhap News Agency (via UnwiredView), LG's mobile business president Ahn Seung-kwon took the opportunity to announce that the company intends to become the number two mobile manufacturer by 2012, and that it will be launching a new "Black label" series phone in Q4.

Although no more details were offered on this black label handset, Ahn did stress it will be positioned to compete with the iPhone.

LG isn't the first company to offer 'serious competition' to Apple and its iPhone, but this announcement does tie-in quite neatly with the manufacturer's recent launch of its own app store.

We'll keep our ear to the ground for more news on this exciting new handset as it comes in.

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