iProd reference found in 3.0.1 firmware

Tablet, or nano?

iProd reference found in 3.0.1 firmware
There's been considerable speculation to the current contents of Apple's top secret R&D bench, with the wise money going on a large form touchscreen tablet.

Well, after the recent 3.0.1 firmware update (released to close a whole in text message security on the iPhone), ArsTechnica discovered that one of the configuration files highlights a new device - the iProd 1,1.

This was actually discovered back in March, though qualified by a 0,1 marker, which suggests the device is now nearing its final stages of development. The real question is, what device is it? An Apple tablet, or an iPhone nano?

We're betting on the tablet, but the interesting fact that can be gleaned from this breadcrumb is that whatever the device turns out to be, it looks as though it'll be running the iPhone OS, which also means it could well turn out to be a gaming device.

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