O2 exclusive iPhone contract to run out in October

Orange and T-Mobile expected to begin stocking

O2 exclusive iPhone contract to run out in October
A report on suggests that O2's iPhone exclusivity in the UK is due to run out on 9th October, opening up Apple's device to rival networks.

O2 will still be in a position to stock the iPhone, as its contract apparently runs until 2012, but it'll no longer be the only provider of the hottest gadget this century.

Both T-Mobile and Orange have enjoyed similar exclusivity in other territories and are expected to jump on the UK as soon as possible.

The Register suggests that T-Mobile has already begun shipping iPhone units to its bigger customers, though O2 is remaining tight lipped on the matter.

Although the iPhone's done great business, Apple is presumably keen to get it's device onto the books of as many carriers as possible now to help boost sales through customers who've been unwilling to change providers.

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