Unity engine most popular development platform for iPhone

258 games and counting

Unity engine most popular development platform for iPhone
The Unity3D engine has been hailed as one of the most powerful and accessible development platforms for creating console-quality games on the web, Wii and, most recently, on the iPhone.

The Danish developer added the iPhone to its suite of compatible platforms in March 2008, so it's no small compliment to hear that it's proving to be one of the most popular development suites for Apple's handheld.

"There’s so many iPhone games made with Unity that its hard to keep track; we’ve got 258 confirmed releases, but the actual number could be much higher," says Nicholas Francis, Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Unity. "This spans small titles to smash hits like Zombieville USA and Touch KO. Even if its ‘only’ 258, that still means that there has been a Unity iPhone game released every two days since we launched – a great success."

Due to this rapid success rate, the company has been readying an update to its iPhone compatibility, and will be releasing version 1.1 toward the end of August.

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