Top Android developer reveals dismal sales figures on Marketplace

$60 per day for app in top ten list

Top Android developer reveals dismal sales figures on Marketplace
As we discussed earlier in the day, Google's Android platform isn't shaping up to be the iPhone killer the web giant had hoped (though it is just as clear that Android has yet to carve its niche).

And it seems that this slow start for the smartphone operating system extends to developers as well as users. Android developer Larva Labs has posted horribly disappointing sales figures for two of its top games, which are ranked at numbers 5 and 12 in the top paid applications list on the Android Marketplace.

The two games - Battle for Mars and RetroDefense - have averaged just $62.39 per day over the last month. Larva Labs's Matt Hall attributes the poor performance of his games to the unintuitive, cumbersome nature of browsing and purchasing software on the Android Marketplace.

Although Google has promised improvements to the system, it seems like a wasted opportunity when so many developers are vehemently voicing their aggravation at Apple's submissions policy for the App Store.

Yes. Spanner's his real name. And, yes, he's heard that joke before.


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Hi Spanner,

It would be interesting to see a comparison of the Android platform v the iPhone at the same stage of its lifecycle and cut by segment type. I think it is clear that one of the reasons for the poor sales is UI but there are likely other things at play here. For example potentially it is simply the market segment using Android that is resulting in low sales. This would be really interesting research. Do you know if this has been done?