Facebook extends Facebook Connect to mobile

Also claims it's solving App Store's discovery challenge

Facebook extends Facebook Connect to mobile
Facebook is rapidly increasing its standing in the mobile world, with the company claiming 65 million users logged on via mobile last month.

And at the Nokia World event, director of Facebook Mobile, Henri Moissinac, said it was driving App Store traffic too.

He claimed half of users had linked their iPhone and iPod touch apps to Facebook via the Facebook Connect technology that's increasing employed by developers so you can send and compare high scores from within apps.

Facebook also announced it was extending its Facebook Connect technology to mobile. Previously it's only been available for web and iPhone.

"Apps are better when you can play them with your friends. With Facebook Connect for mobile, you will now be able to share them with your friends," Moissinac was reported as saying by DigitalBeat.

"We can make the whole web social. Now we are going to do the same with mobile."

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