Physics middleware company Havok pondering iPhone port

No major hurdles foreseen if there's demand

Physics middleware company Havok pondering iPhone port
One maker of middleware for console games - NaturalMotion - has already ported its animation morpheme engine to iPhone and is releasing a game, called BackBreaker Football: Tackle Alley, using the technology.

Now it seems Intel-owned Havok, which offers competing animation smarts, as well as more traditional physics tech, is also looking at the possibilities of getting them to work on iPhone.

In an interview with Develop magazine, Havok's Jeff Yates said he didn't think there was a technical barrier.

"We are ... quite familiar with the iPhone technology itself, and given sufficient demand, we see no major hurdles in moving Havok Physics on to that platform," he commented.

"Certainly, there seem to be many untapped possibilities in the realm of puzzle and Boom Blox-esque games where physics can play a very meaningful role, without dwarfing the device's computational power."

As well as NaturalMotion, PC/console middleware company Unity Technologies has been also supporting iPhone game makers, with around 400 developers using its Unity iPhone, so Havok would be following a growing trend.

[source: Develop]

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