Nokia acquires mobile ad firm Acuity Mobile

Location-based ads folded into NAVTEQ repertoire

Nokia acquires mobile ad firm Acuity Mobile
Nokia-owned NAVTEQ has been providing the mobile giant with digital map, traffic and location data for in-vehicle, portable and wireless devices for quite some time, while licensing an embedded mobile advertising platform from location-based ad company Acuity Mobile.

NAVTEQ took a stake in Acuity Mobile last March worth an estimated $2.8 million, and has now announced a full acquisition of the company

"Acuity Mobile has developed unique technical capabilities in geo-targeted messaging that is considered to have higher value since it targets consumers when they are mobile and ready to purchase," says Gregg Smith, Acuity's former CEO.

"NAVTEQ has been leveraging our capabilities for some time and, with NAVTEQ's commitment to grow location-based advertising, it made sense for the companies to align more closely."

The combination of the two technologies will enable clients to target consumers with geographic precision. In turn, consumers will have advertising move with them, as their mobile mapping applications present ads, offers, coupons, or other promotions.

Neither company has commented as to whether Acuity Mobile will continue to operate under its own brand, or be absorbed into NAVTEQ.

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