Nokia staff bonuses hinge on Ovi success

Executives incentivised to hit 300 million users by 2012

Nokia staff bonuses hinge on Ovi success
Nokia has previously announced that it aims to have 300 million unique users accessing its all-encompassing Ovi service by the year 2012.

It’s an ambitious target and, as we've found out, it’s one that the mobile phone giant is going all out to achieve.

Speaking at the first Ovi Developer Conference held in London, a source from within the company told us that all company incentives and bonuses were now focused on attaining this magical number.

For the foreseeable future “it’s all about Ovi,” they said.

Nokia used the Ovi Developer Conference in London to reach out to the small and individual app developers of the UK, the likes of which have driven the success of Apple's App Store.

By providing such facilities as the free Ovi SDK, Nokia is hoping to attract the kind of wide-ranging content that has been such a hit on the iPhone.

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