Hands-On rumoured to be restructuring for Facebook and iPhone

CEO David White has left the building

Hands-On rumoured to be restructuring for Facebook and iPhone
Rumours are leaking out that US mobile publisher Hands-On is carrying out a strategic restructuring of operations.

Suspicions were raised as CEO David White left the business last week. His departure is yet to be formally announced.

It's understood president Niccolo De Masi has taken over the CEO role - something implicitly confirmed by the Hands-On corporate website.

With the traditional mobile market now mature, it's believed Hands-On will be focusing its future business in emerging digital markets such as Facebook social gaming and iPhone development.

The company has also been quick to publish titles via Sony's PSP Minis download service, and will be releasing games for Nintendo's similar DSiWare.

As part of this push, it's set up the Hands-On Mobile Developer Network to encourage thirdparty developers to take advantage of its publishing expertise.

As with many of the veteran mid-tier mobile publishers, Hands-On has found it difficult in recent years to compete with the likes of EA Mobile and Gameloft on the operator decks, or the innovative startups who operate in fast moving markets such as Facebook and the App Store.

It also lost one of its priced mobile licences - Activision's Guitar Hero - to rival Glu Mobile during the summer.

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