Namco Bandai sees $67 million loss

First half of 2010 looking bleak for Japanese gaming giant

Namco Bandai sees $67 million loss
Toward the latter end of September, Namco Bandai hinted at hard times ahead when it admitted to taking a careful look at its mobile gaming arm, with the possibility of job losses and passing off of mobile distribution to a partner. is now reporting that Namco Bandai has put out figures showing a loss of ¥6 billion (around £40 million) for the first half of the current financial year. Last year, the same period saw a ¥1.3 billion (just under £9 million) profit.

Naturally, this shows a significant drop in game sales, with the period ending September 30th down 9.5 per cent year-on-year to ¥172.7 billion (£1.15 billion). Despite this, the company remains optimistic that Tekken 6 could yet prove to be a saviour toward the end of the financial year.

None of this sounds particularly hopeful for the mobile branch of Namco Bandai, though its iPhone presence is likely to remain active.

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