RealNetworks acquires mobile technology startup Varia Mobile

Now able to sync desktop services with mobile devices

RealNetworks acquires mobile technology startup Varia Mobile
While it isn't a huge acquisition, RealNetworks's purchase of mobile technology newcomer Varia Mobile does suggest larger plans are in the works for the software giant to take mobile and desktop features into the cloud.

Varia Mobile has developed a system allowing Web 2.0 desktop services to be published, integrated and distributed directly to mobile devices, according to MocoNews, so users could wirelessly sync all kinds of content with their mobile devices via a portal or store front.

The two companies have joined forces before, as Varia was behind the Rhapsody MP3 player that was integrated into RealNetworks's music service, though that particular venture was axed mid-2009.

RealNetworks hasn't given any details on how it plans to make use of Varia Mobile's technologies as yet, though it's previously stated its desire and intention to take its services into the cloud.

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