Adobe announces Flash for Google smartphone Nexus One

Web platform already running on hot new superphone

Adobe announces Flash for Google smartphone Nexus One
It's not that the iPhone can't run Adobe's Flash framework - it's that Apple won't let it. Admittedly, it would open the way for a lot of web browser-based applications, which would circumvent Apple's App Store process, but Flash is a vital part of the internet surfing experience these days and its absence is very notable from the iDevices.

With the industry standing to attention as Google launches its Nexus One Android smartphone, Adobe has jumped to the fore to announce that Flash player 10.1 is already working for the handset and will be delivered soon.

"The Nexus One features Google's Android software, HTC's hardware design, and QUALCOMM's Snapdragon chipset. All of these companies participate in the Open Screen Project and we've been working with our partners to bring a high performing Flash Player 10.1 to Android and other devices."

Indeed, Apple's fears are confirmed in a video of a Flash player preview, when the Nexus One is shown playing a Flash

game within its web browser, and doing a pretty fine job of it.

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