MGF 2010: iPhones account for 25% of game sales: the same as Nokia handsets

ComScore figures show iPhone impact, but it's not 99% of the apps market

MGF 2010: iPhones account for 25% of game sales: the same as Nokia handsets
Yesterday, a report from Gartner claimed that Apple's App store platform and iPhone/iPod touch accounted for over 99.4 percent of mobile application sales. Those figures were strongly challenged at today's Mobile Game Forum by Alistair Hill of comScore.

Outlining data from their mobile research product which monitors mobile consumer usage, Hill displayed a breakdown of the most popular European handsets for mobile game consumption.

As well as stressing that roughly 20 percent of the handsets accounted for 80 percent of the sales, Hill highlighted that Apple's iPhone models had collectively contributed 25 percent of sales, effectively the same as the sales attributed to Nokia's entire handset range.

Whilst this clearly underlines the great strides Apple have made, accounting for a quarter of game sales even before the iPod touch is included, it also undermines the outrageous claims made in the Gartner report, something that Hill himself stated in a Q and A session,

"Even with the iPod touch included [comScore's research was based on phones alone], the maths simply don't add up to get anywhere near Gartner's figures, I think someone's done their sums wrong," he said


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