MGF 2010: Investment in mobile games sector up 100%

Screen Digest see a good year for mobile games business

MGF 2010: Investment in mobile games sector up 100%

Although the investment world may have retreated into its shell in the past few years, the mobile gaming space clearly hasn't suffered.No doubt fueled by factors such as the success of iPhone, Screen Digest's Jak Kent announced in a panel that its research shows investment in mobile games business doubling year on year in real terms.It also accounting for a much larger tranche of mobile-related investment, increasing from 2 percent in 2008 to roughly 7 percent last year.Although Kent did qualify the point slightly in saying these figures were partially affected by inclusion of cross-platform companies (i.e. developers working in mobile and social networks, such as Scoreloop and OpenFeint, both of which raised millions of dollars in 2009), the general trend is clearly nevertheless a very positive one and was consistent with a generally positive tone for the industry on the first day of the MGF 2010 conference.


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