MGF 2010: C2M's Hobson: 'The App Store is going to be a killing zone in 2010'

Success rate only 2 percent

MGF 2010: C2M's Hobson: 'The App Store is going to be a killing zone in 2010'
During a panel talk entitled (deep breath): Implications of the change in business and revenue share models in Europe for the mobile games industry, Eric Hobson, CEO, from UK mobile games publisher Connect2Media didn't mince his words about the experience of most iPhone game developers.

"[But] Apple's App Store can be quite ugly. Launching games with the operators, you should be able to make money, but with Apple, if you're not in top 25, you don't make money," he explained.

"The reality is the success rate on the App Store is about 2 percent and it's better than that when we release games with mobile operators.

"Not everything Apple does is fantastic. The App Store is going to be killing zone for developers in 2010. The Darwinian situation at the moment is brutal. It's a high failure rate. It's a harsh world."

Significantly, Connect2Media is taking the reverse approach and as a publisher taking critical acclaimed iPhone titles and releasing them in traditional J2ME markets.

The first title it's publishing in this way is Mobigames' notorious Edge (AKA Edgy), with Hobson confirming there will be more games going from App Store to app stores in future.

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