FreeAppADay promotes 2 million game downloads in two weeks

People like free

FreeAppADay promotes 2 million game downloads in two weeks
Nothing's better priced than free and it seems that the free iPhone game-a-day site is proving the concept.

Launched in January as a way of getting consumer attention for games, which can then be monetised in ways such as in-app purchases or promoting future games, the site has generated over 2 million downloads in two weeks, via one million users. It also has 5,000 followers on Twitter.

"The results are well beyond our expectations," said Joe Bayen, CEO of ICS Mobile, who set up the site.

"The level of enthusiasm has been so great that it's forced us to upgrade our server capacity several times to sustain the high level of traffic."

Games that have done well out of their free day include Eurocenter's Cocoto Kart Online, which had 150,000 downloads when it went free.

The company's Stéphane Portha said, "The results have been fantastic. It has generated 4-digits euros revenue by thanks to in-app purchases, as well as increasing paid sales by 30 percent."

To further increase the stickiness of the site, there will soon be a voting system that will enable people to vote for the five best apps of the month. which will be highlighted with a gold frame.

There will also be wider range of content promoted with non-gaming app introduced.

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