Origin8 hands out free games for its February Freebie Fever

Latest developer to look to free promotion

Origin8 hands out free games for its February Freebie Fever
Free is the new black when it comes to trying to get people to play - and hopefully eventually pay - for your iPhone games.

With the FreeAppADay website doing good numbers, London studio Origin8 has set up its own version for February.

During each Friday of the month, it's planning to make one of its games free for the weekend.

Games earmarked for this offer include former UK top 10 paid app Car Mania; the cute arcade-style AirBear; and Sentinel: Mars Defense, the classic sci fi tower defence game that will be a year old on the 19th February.

Indeed,  the promotion will kick off on the 19th February with Sentinel going free - something that will also be promoted via FreeAppADay.

"The Sentinel: Mars Defense anniversary provides us with a great excuse to spread some love to our players, and it's a logical point for us to take a look back over an exciting year," said Sentinel designer and programmer Paul Jackman.

Origin8 will announce which games will be free via Twitter and Facebook.

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