EA sells 8 million Hasbro-licensed games in a year

Board game releases flood onto App Store charts

EA sells 8 million Hasbro-licensed games in a year
Electronic Arts' publishing deal with Hasbro Interactive would appear to have paid off.

EA has announced it's shifted over 8 million units based on Hasbro licences titles within a year. The companies agreed their strategic alliance in August 2007.

To date, EA has launched 20 different Hasbro brands on 18 platforms, with iPhone cited as one of the driving forces behind the sales boom, alongside EA's casual portal, DS and online.

"EA's Hasbro-branded lineup has experienced tremendous success in the casual games market with video games that hold great appeal for families and kids as we've retained the essence of Hasbro's iconic brands while re-imagining the toy and board game play experiences," commented Chip Lange, senior VP and General Manger of EA's Hasbro Division.

Over the past 18 months, Scrabble, Battleship Boggle, Clue (or Cluedo in Europe), Trivial Pursuit, Game of Life, Connect 4, Yahtzee Adventures, and two Monopoly based titles have all made it into the Top 100 paid apps on the App Store, even though a portion of EA's line-up is currently only available in North America.

"Hasbro's powerhouse alliance with EA continues to deliver big hits for casual gamers around the world across every major platform," Hasbro senior VP and general manager of digital gaming and media, Mark Blecher, added.

"Together, we continue to re-imagine the Hasbro-branded play experience and put it at the fingertips of consumers so they can ignite Hasbro-style fun any time, any place."

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