OpenFeint's Free Game of the Day boosts Flick Kick Field Goal to #4

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OpenFeint's Free Game of the Day boosts Flick Kick Field Goal to #4
If the wheels have fallen off the 'go free for a day to promote your iPhone game' bandwagon is only because it's moving so fast, the bandwagon's now rocket powered.

As well as involvement in the FreeAppADay website, social gaming network OpenFeint has been running its own Free Game of the Day promotion to its 11 million users.

And the results have been impressive.
Flick Kick Field Goal from developer PikPok went into the US free chart at #4 in one day, while Valet Hero from Game Gatos got to #3, and Lion Pride from Blue Fang to #15.

"We launched the OpenFeint app to make it easier for our players to discover games by great developers," said Jason Citron, CEO & founder of Aurora Feint.

"With immediate access to OpenFeint's 11 million players, the Free Game of the Day represents an amazing opportunity for games to dramatically and quickly grow their player base."

"Lion Pride was featured on the Free Game of the Day promotion and the impact far exceeded our expectations," said Eduardo Baraf, Blue Fang Games' director of mobile.

"OpenFeint's promotion dramatically increased our daily downloads and put us back on the top of the charts within hours. The visibility generated by this promotion has enabled an entirely new audience to discover our game."

From 1st March however, only games that use the latest 2.4 version of OpenFeint will be eligible for a promotional slot.

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