I-play to drop support for Java and Brew games

Smartphones are its future

I-play to drop support for Java and Brew games
There appears to be a subscript to yesterday's news concerning I-play's new enthusiasm for Android.

According to MobileGamesBlog, the company has had enough of Java and Brew development and will not be supporting those platforms from Q2 2010, instead throwing its weight behind smartphones.

It's certainly an interesting strategy considering the amount of business still available on those platforms.

For example, Gameloft only generated 22 percent of its Q4 income from iPhone, while in its financials EA Mobile partly pointed to its success on carriers such as Verizon and AT&T for a year-on-year rise in revenue of 14 percent.

Of course, these two publishers dominate carriers decks, claiming the vast majority of Java and Brew game sales.

Also, I-play's recent reorganisation has left it a leaner, more focused publisher, so concentrating on growing markets which offer higher profit margins maybe a sensible longterm option.

But, other publishers and developers are going the other way, taking their iPhone-developed IP to other mobile devices, including Brew and Java.

UK publisher Connect2Media is bullish on the market, for example.

CEO Eric Hobson told; "We believe there's plenty of life in the conventional carrier element of the mobile games market."

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