Freeverse's Skee-Ball does a million iPhone sales

But how does it compare with the top sellers?

Freeverse's Skee-Ball does a million iPhone sales
It's perhaps too easy to fall into the symbolism of numbers, but I'd imagine there's something very satisfying when you gain ownership of a number with a lot of zeroes attached to it.

(As long as it's not government debt. Poor old Obama)

Happier times for developer Graveck and developer Freeverse however, with the news that Skee-Ball (99c) has sold one million games on the App Store since its September 2009 release.

Indeed, it's the second Freeverse game to sell a million following Strange Flavour's Flick Fishing, which is well over 1.3 million sales.

Still, there are plenty of games which have racked up similar and larger numbers.

Stacks of downloads
Pocket God is currently the paid game leader with 2.1 million sales, up there with Flight Control which is also over 2 million.

Other top selling games include SGN's F.A.S.T. at over 1.8 million, while Gameloft has sold a total of 10 million iPhone games.

The numbers get even larger when you take into account those games which also have free versions available.

Cobra Mobile's iBomber and PressOK's Finger Physics have done over 2 million downloads, FDG's Parachute Panic and Ethan Nicholas' iShoot have done over 4 million downloads, and Illusion Lab's Labyrinth and Backflip Studios' Paper Toss have done over 10 million downloads.

While Tap Tap Revenge 3 has done over 2 million downloads since it went free, and the entire Tap Tap series over 20 million.

Digital Chocolate claims over 40 million downloads, albeit spread across dozens of games.

And, of course, Apple's done three billion iPhone downloads. No one can beat that.

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