GDC 2010: Battle of the free daily apps sites hots up

FreeAppADay and FreeGameoftheDay boast successes

GDC 2010: Battle of the free daily apps sites hots up
The competition when it comes to app discovery sites, which promote a free game each day, is increasing fast with both FreeAppADay and new rival, OpenFeint's just launched FreeGameoftheDay claiming big successes.

FreeAppADay's news was that it had 'catapulted iPhone app Fingerzilla from unknown to App Store number one free app in a single day', generating 700,000 downloads within 2 days.

Other games recently promoted on the site were also high in the free game charts over the weekend, with Tap Fish at the #3 spot and Letstans at #10; something founder Joe Bayen said further solidified as the leading iPhone application discovery portal.

"We are ecstatic with our results" Bayen explained. " levels the playing field since it allows small developers to directly compete with the major studios without the backing of a $100,000 advertising budget."

The other kind

Meanwhile, OpenFeint was pointing out its own success, announcing it had helped independent developer SnakeHead Software generate 1.58 million downloads of its game Air Assault in a week.

OpenFeint featured Air Assault at part of the launch of FreeGameoftheDay, as well as via its OpenFeint iPhone app.
Air Assault reached #2 in the free game chart within 48 hours of launch.

Both sites will continue to ratchet up the competition during GDC too. FreeAppADay is launching its monthly awards at 12.15 on Tuesday 9th March at its iPhone Summit booth. It will also be unveiling a new business model.

OpenFeint kicks off a month-long campaign for with a party on Wednesday evening. You can email FGOTD [at] for more details.


We've just been told there will also be a FreeAppADay on Wednesday evening. To be held at the W hotel bar, for tickets please email contact [at]

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