Palm's webOS plug-in development kit makes beta

Firm demonstrating early titles at GDC

Palm's webOS plug-in development kit makes beta
Palm has released a public beta for the webOS plug-in development kit (PDK) it originally referenced at CES in January.

The manufacturer says it will use its booth at the Game Developers Conference to showcase early titles made using the system.

According to Palm, the PDK should complement the webOS Software Development Kit (SDK), enabling studios to use C and C++ alongside the web technologies that power the SDK and "mix them seamlessly within a single app".

"The PDK enables new functionality, including immersive 3D graphics, and gives developers who have built games for other platforms an easy way to bring their titles to the webOS platform," Palm said in a statement.

Positive about Palm

Reaction to the beta has already been positive, sources close to Palm having told All Things Digital last week that iPhone games can be "ported over [to webOS] in a matter of days" using the PDK, suffering virtually no "degradation in performance".

"Palm webOS is the go-to platform for great games on two of the three leading carrier networks," added senior VP of product marketing, Katie Mitic.

"We have both the developer tools and the hardware necessary for a world-class gaming experience, and an impressive portfolio of webOS game titles from top-notch developers to show for it."

With the beta launching today, developers are advised to pick it up from Palm's developer center website, although the distribution of games built using the beta PDK will require functionality provided in the forthcoming Palm webOS update.

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