GDC 2010: Freeverse CFO Decespedes joins new publisher Appular

An ngmoco-triggered but amicable departure

GDC 2010: Freeverse CFO Decespedes joins new publisher Appular
Set up by ex-Freeverse marketing director Brian Akaka in 2009, iPhone marketing and PR outfit Appular has announced it's moving into publishing.

And to head up the business, it's hired Freeverse's chief financial officer Dino Decespedes, as director of publishing.

He's the first executive to leave Freeverse following its acquisition by ngmoco.

However with Freeverse CEO Ian Lynch Smith providing a quote - "Few people have a better understanding of the iTunes App Store and the dynamics that really drive it than Dino" - it seems to have been an amicable departure.

Ease the burden

"There's been high demand from developers for publishing support and we are now prepared to provide that support," said Brian Akaka. "Dino brings tremendous iPhone experience to Appular, and will allow us to serve developers in a much wider capacity."

During more than three years as CFO at Freeverse, Decespedes performed a wide variety of roles for the iPhone development company, including financial forecasting, pricing strategy, launch strategy, and evaluating and increasing development efficiencies for the App Store.

He was also one of the first people to experiment with short term 99c price cuts to drive sales; something that's since become known as Peggling(tm).

"My experience at Freeverse was invaluable and I learned a great deal during my tenure. Looking ahead, I am extremely excited about my decision to join Appular and once again be working alongside Brian in the iPhone space," Decespedes said.

"Developers are having a very difficult time in today's environment and at Appular, we are committed to making that sure great content reaches the consumer."

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