GDC 2010: FreeAppADay embraces freemium games

Drops developer charges but adds stricter quality control

GDC 2010: FreeAppADay embraces freemium games
Continuing the current dynamism when it comes to app promotion and business models, FreeAppADay has launched ICS Financing, an initiative specifically for games that are using the freemium or in-app purchases model.

As part of this, from April FreeAppADay will start employing stricter quality control in terms of the games it accepts into its program, although qualifying freemium games will be accepted without having to pay the default $1,200 fee.

"Launching ICS Financing is part of our overall strategy geared towards helping small developers compete in a very crowded App Store environment," says Joe Bayen CEO of ICS Mobile and founder of FreeAppADay.

"We're essentially leveraging the power of FreeAppADay and merging it with the freemium business model which has already generated a sizable increase in revenue for several of our developers including Fingerzilla and Tiki Totems."

In addition, FreeAppADay will become a free service to developers of all types of content starting in May.

Further details of how this model works will be provided during the FreeAppADay party scheduled at the W Hotel on Wednesday 10th from 9pm.

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