Oberon plans new social network for I-play's line-up

Casual games giant to push social-connectivity in 2010

Oberon plans new social network for I-play's line-up
Oberon has announced plans to bring "connected social features" to its line-up of casual titles published under the I-play label.

The company says the features will allows players to link their progress in-play with Facebook Connect, as well as keeping an eye on who else is playing I-play titles and what achievements they've picked up.

It's a set-up that looks set to mirror the leagues of social platforms on iPhone, the likes of OpenFeint, Plus+ and Scoreloop, amongst others, all providing similar services for third-party developers.

Oberon, however, initially plans to restrict the launch of said features to its own software, City Sights: Hello Seattle and Paradise Quest the first games to be earmarked.

However, the company has stated it will "optimise a platform experience that will be rolled out to our Game Center partners and allow for creation of 'premium social' games" in the future.

"Oberon is also working with developer partners to test our new Social SDK that further leverages this new functionality and will continue to introduce these capabilities to global developer partners in the next quarter," the firm added in a statement.

"As games' connectivity to social graphs expands through APIs like Facebook Connect it becomes evident how powerful this functionality is to enhance the gaming experience," said Tony Leamer, VP of marketing for I-play.

"We believe games on all platforms and for all audiences will eventually leverage social components."

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