Connect2Media expands into US and embraces freemium with Sennari acquisition

Gains prize-incentivised PrizePlay tech

Connect2Media expands into US and embraces freemium with Sennari acquisition
While other mobile publishers are pulling out of the traditional Java market to concentrate smartphones, UK publisher Connect2Media is continuing to operate strongly there.

That doesn't mean it's not also expanding into new areas though, as the acquisition of US prize-incentivised mobile games company Sennari demonstrates.

One reason for the deal is geographical.

Up to this point, Connect2Media hasn't had a direct channel with US operators, instead working through thirdparty distribution.

Sennari's PrizePlay platform is deployed on Verizon, and Sennari's founder and president Mike Cartabiano will now head up Connect2Media's operator-led distribution business in North America.

In addition to this, Connect2Media CEO Eric Hobson points out that Sennari's free2play model, which encourages play by offering prizes, adds an additional revenue stream to the business.

"With social games, freemium and advertising driven models becoming a part of the mobile experience, we are committed to broadening choice for users everywhere," he explains.

"Our milestone partnership with Sennari gives us much more than access to the US market and we anticipate that the PrizePlay platform will be a crucial tool in developing new models based around advertising, community and rewards delivering new ways to help our operator customers engage and retain users."

New App Store rules

As part of the deal, Connect2Media gains Sennari's games services and operational assets, which as well as the PrizePlay platform, includes its mobile customer relationship management tools.

PrizePlay is designed to increase consumer loyalty and revenue potential thanks to features such as: in-game transactions that involve storing points, currencies, tokens, or coupons; pay-per-play or tournament-style gaming models; in-game prizes; friend-based referral programs, and SMS campaign promotion.

Neatly, Connect2Media also points out the acquisition coincides with changes to Apple's rules which permit sweepstakes and contests as part of games on the App Store.

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