Orange expands gaming presence with exclusive iPhone line-up

Playtomo and Games Zone complete the assault

Orange expands gaming presence with exclusive iPhone line-up
Keen to make an impression on the App Store's ever expanding market, Orange has announced it is to launch a series of games on the service under the Orange iPhone Games banner.

The new brand forms part of a three-way assault on the mobile gaming market.

Orange has also signed up for Playtomo - the social gaming service from French mobile games firm C4M that allows customers to play free games, and a subscription based service called Games Zone.

Happy on the App Store

According to Orange, its App Store line-up will either be designed specifically or published by the operator for its UK based customers, with "off-road racing, a selection of card games such as Blackjack and Poker" earmarked for release from this April.

"This is an exciting time for Orange, with the launch of these new mobile gaming offerings forming a key part of our strategy to evolve our business through entertainment," said head of gaming products and services Neil Holroyd.

That strategy appears to involve mirroring already established models. Playtomo – which launched today - promotes its line-up by encouraging gamers to link their activities with their Facebook account.

Playtomo to you

"Playtomo integrates directly into social networks so users can share their scores, points and challenge their friends to get involved," Orange said in a statement.

"Contact lists are easily imported to the service so friends can be invited to join in the fun from any UK phone operator."

Its paid for alternative, Games Zone, will cost users £5 a month when it makes it debut on March 31st.

For that price consumers will be able to pick up two free titles a month, as well as a further 20 percent discount on any other games they purchase.

In-store outlets

Holroyd added, "Innovative gaming services such as Playtomo and Games Zone give customers the best possible gaming experience and value for money on their mobile phone, while enabling us to develop our offering and maintain our lead as the number one gaming operator in the UK."

All three developments form part of a much wider strategy to increase Orange's influence within the mobile gaming sector.

The carrier already has concessions in both HMV and ASDA outlets in the UK, and Orange also launched a Java game network with the entertainment retailer earlier this month.

[source: Orange]

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