One in every 27 Orange UK customers downloaded a game between Oct and Dec 2009

Tetris, Sims 3 and Sonic top titles

One in every 27 Orange UK customers downloaded a game between Oct and Dec 2009
Orange has released its sixth Digital Media Index. It's a detailed report offering insight into how digital media is consumed across its mobile network.

In terms of games, Orange reveals 639,948 games were downloaded between October and December 2009.

Sounds like a lot until you realise Orange UK has 17.4 million customers, making that a grand total of 0.037 games downloaded per customer.

Or one game per 27 customers.

If this rate is annualised, it suggests that 1.4 percent of Orange UK customers downloaded a game during 2009.

A higher percentage would have played a game however due to embedded content.

In context, Orange claims it has 34 percent of the UK gaming market.

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The top selling games were:
Tetris (EA Mobile)
The Sims 3 (EA Mobile)
Sonic the Hedgehog - Part 1 (Glu Mobile)
Bejeweled (EA Mobile)
Monopoly Here and Now (EA Mobile)
Real Football Manager 2009 (Gameloft)
Miami Nights (Gameloft)
Championship Manager 2009 (Eidos)
Block Breaker Deluxe (Gameloft)
Texas Hold 'Em Poker (Gameloft)

Sunday is the most popular day to download games, while 2 - 7pm is the most popular daily time slot.

"Most of the top 10 games are downloaded through our embedded games programme, which demonstrates the strength and value of providing customers with free, pre-loaded content," said Neil Holroyd, Orange's head of games partnerships.

"Embedded game demos still account for over 30 percent of Orange's gaming revenues, with over 40 percent of people buying from the demo."

[source: Orange]

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