Apple's new ToS cause muchosmedia to say sayonara to App Store

Original coding sin, banished from walled garden

Apple's new ToS cause muchosmedia to say sayonara to App Store
Even if it proves to be the only casualty of Apple's decision to alter its developer agreement, muchosmedia's final word to its soon-to-be former platform holder will no doubt raise just as many eyebrows as it does laughs.

The developer believes its app – puzzler Just Letters – is likely to fall foul of Apple's new developer rules when they come into force.

Though Apple is yet to comment officially, it's believed apps that make use of certain thirdparty technologies such as Flash, will be barred from sale on the App Store.

As a result, within the couple of hours remaining, muchosmedia has decided to hike the price of Just Letters up to £114.99.

The studio has also used the game's description text on iTunes to have a serious pop at Apple.

Sound of sour music

Beginning with "So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!", the edited text goes on to suggest that the developer is far from pleased that it's about to have a revenue source pulled from underneath it.

"Hi, My name is Just Letters and according to the mothership, I'm no longer worthy to be part of your mobile experience," it continues.

"The powers that be have yesterday announced that only tools made by god himself shall be deemed worthy to build iPhone apps. I'm sorry, but I was built using one such evil programing [sic] language which goes by the name of ActionScript. For this reason it is probable that I will soon be banished from the walled garden of Eden. How tragic."

Call to ActionScript

ActionScript is part of of the Flash toolset many believe Apple is trying to block with this move.

However, muchosmedia believes that Apple's decision to alter the developer agreement may result in talent being forced out of the App Store.

“Maybe this platform has not been the right place for me anyway since clearly the mothership believes games of my type provide no value whatsoever," the description concludes.

"And I agree - this platform adds no value to me either so I'll pack my bags and return to the wild wild web I came from. It was a lot cosier there anyway.

"On that note, farewell mothership, and farewell to your products and services. May the walled garden of Eden take good care of you."

And there you have it: the downside of letting developers have total control over an app's description text.

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