Rumour: Apple to charge up to $1 million for iAds

Launch partners could have to stump up $10 million

Rumour: Apple to charge up to $1 million for iAds
Demonstrating the potential power of mobile advertising, informed chatter, first detailed by the Wall Street Journal, claims Apple will charge up to $1 million for access to its new iAd advertising networking.

Indeed, $10 million is the figure touted for the marketers wishing to be on board at launch.

Tap tap revenge

The paper also states Apple is looking to charge $2 each time a consumer sees an ad via iAd.

This means that large ad buys could see the total figure hitting $1 million because of scores of views and taps.

It's some step up from the norm, with WSJ claiming ad executives are used to playing between for $100,000 and $200,000 for similar deals on other mobile platforms.

"It's a hefty sum," managing director of mobile marketing firm Mobext, Phuc Truong, told the paper.


"What Apple is trying to do is certainly above and beyond what's been done in the past."

Regardless, the WSJ claims iAd interest is high amongst leagues of ad directors.

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