Android SD app storage on its way

Complex games should follow

Android SD app storage on its way
One of the major handicaps of the Android platform in general – and particularly for its status as a gaming device - is soon to be addressed.

Google’s mobile OS has been hampered from day one by the fact that you can’t run apps from SD storage.

As many Android devices contain limited built-in storage space, this has meant that large, complex games have been pretty much out of the question.

That’s all set to change, as evidenced by the status of ‘issue 1152’ (the code number for the above mentioned problem) being updated to “Future Release” on the Google Code Android Issues page.

The fact that the issue is now considered as closed points to a possible release with the next version of the Android OS, known as 2.2 or Froyo.

Hopefully the fix will somehow make its way through to the older handsets, most of which are currently stuck running older Android versions.

[Source: Phandroid]

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