MillionDollarAppSite set up to ease App Store discovery

Like MillionDollarHomepage but for iPhone games

MillionDollarAppSite set up to ease App Store discovery
Back when the internet was a very different beast (i.e. 2005), enterprising student Alex Tew set up MillionDollarHomepage.

A website consisting of one million pixels selling for $1 a shot, it sold out in less than five months, netting $1,037,100 in gross income.

It proved that enough random web traffic could generate cash, although whether it paid off for advertisers was another story.

Made for apps

Using the template, Santa Monica native Adam Friedman is attempting to see if the same thing will work in terms of iPhone and iPad game and app discovery.

He's set up MillionDollarAppSite, a site that consists of 33 x 31 squares, which can be purchased for $14 per square. (Technically not a million dollars, but hey...)

What is interesting however, is that once the grid is complete, square owners will be able to resell their real estate. This means the advertising could be seen as an investment, while ensuring current advertisers are encouraged, and encourage their peers, to fill the grid.

Early advertisers include Mr Fung Fung (MiniSquadron) and Fargoal (Sword of Fargoal).

"The Million Dollar Homepage had tiny banner ads for just about anything, and you couldn't find anything on the site. The iPhone apps each have their own square icon," said Friedman.

"It's a win-win formula that allows new apps to gain exposure and motivates app developers to help promote the site."

[source: MillionDollarAppSite]

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