The Game Trail app has done 10,000 affiliate game sales

New update released today

The Game Trail app has done 10,000 affiliate game sales
The Game Trail, a free iPhone app for the discovery of games, has revealed it's facilitated more than 10,000 affiliate game sales through the App Store.

The app mixes trailers and other gameplay videos with written reviews to give potential gamers an accurate representation of games in play.

So far, The Game Trail app - combined with its website - has served up over 500,000 videos and expects to have hit its 100,000 user target later in May.

It's also just been updated, delivering an enhanced visual experience, drastically improved network performance and a search that spans the entire game database.

And all games in the top 250 list are now numbered so that users can easily reference their overall position.

"The Game Trail teaches us new things about App Store shoppers every day. We learn how users navigate the app and what features and games they gravitate towards," said Tommy Palm, founder of The Game Trail.

"We also learn what keeps users coming back and how we can best connect prospective buyers with games they will enjoy. After all, our purpose is to guide shoppers to the best content and generate sales for the best developers."


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