Nokia's Ovi Store hits 1.7 million downloads a day

Ovi Maps app notches up 10 million

Nokia's Ovi Store hits 1.7 million downloads a day
Nokia has revealed the Ovi Store is now averaging 1.7 million downloads a day, almost a year after the marketplace made its debut.

The stat was revealed by Nokia president and CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, who also used the company's AGM to reveal that Ovi Maps has been downloaded 10 million times since the app added free turn-by-turn navigation at the start of the year.

Climbing the ladder

"We are working hard to reclaim leadership in high-end smartphones and mobile computers," Kallasvuo told those at the meeting.

"It is critical that we improve the customer experience of both our devices and our services."

However, despite what many will see as positive figures for the Ovi Store, BusinessWeek reports Nokia investors are frustrated with the company's lack of impact on iPhone, those behind the firm impatient for a handset to take Apple on in the west.

The assertion is, despite still being the largest mobile manufacturer on the planet, the huge amounts of money Nokia is pumping into research and development just isn't paying off.

Its Q1 2010 sales figures weren't too impressive either.

N8 for #1

Nokia's riposte, no doubt, would be the forthcoming launch of the N8 – seen by many as the company's first serious smartphone challenge to iPhone and Android in the west in some time, due to launch in September.

The company can also point to the strength it has globally, with Ovi Store available in 18 different countries and 30 languages.

As an aside, Ovi Mail has attracted 8 million subscribers, while the Nokia Life Tools service - which is embedded into handsets - has 1.5 million paying subscribers in India and Indonesia.

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