Apple looking to build Facebook features into iPhone OS 4.0

Contact lists, photos and messaging likely

Apple looking to build Facebook features into iPhone OS 4.0
Carriers and OEMs aplenty have attempted to embed social networks into their devices - Vodafone 360 and Sony Ericsson's Xperia being two high profile examples.

Now it appears Apple may be looking to pull a similar move by extending its already close relationship with Facebook.

BusinessInsider speculates that Apple will unveil functional ties with Facebook at its Worldwide Developers Conference on June 7, the site claiming a "plugged-in source" has suggested Apple will build Facebook contact syncing directly into the new iPhone 4.0 OS software.

This would enable users to pull contacts from the network and drop them straight into the device's phonebook – a set-up already offered by several of iPhone's rivals.

Social syncing

The website goes on to suggest further integration could also be in the pipeline, mirroring the photo syncing option already offered by Facebook.

As such, it may be possible to message people on the social network directly from the OS, in much the same manner as the way you send a text message.

Given Facebook own stats show 34 million users access the site via the iPhone app (around 8 percent of its total userbase), closer links between the two parties seems entirely natural.

[source: BusinessInsider]

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