Rumour: LemonQuest looking to sign distributor deal

Publisher's titles may live to see another day

Rumour: LemonQuest looking to sign distributor deal
The confused state that seems to have surrounded Spanish publisher LemonQuest's activities over the last six months appears to be continuing, with speculation suggesting what's left of the firm is looking to sign a distribution deal for its back catalogue.

LemonQuest had appeared to be attempting to offload its library of late, with the publisher having placed its entire back catalogue of Java games up for sale in February.

At the time, the company claimed the move was designed to enable it to focus on online PC and mobile titles, though when news broke in April regarding its apparent closure, it seemed the move had been a last ditch attempt to generate finances from the firm's material.

Now, MobileGamesBlog is reporting that it is looking for distributors for 60 mobile games.

Details are sketchy as the news has leaked from what is a closed group on LinkedIn, though the site claims it could be an attempt by the company to get the publisher's games back in the public domain, even if the company itself has little future.

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