MyTown tops 3.1 million users as H&M and Pantene sign up

That's 200,000 new users every month

MyTown tops 3.1 million users as H&M and Pantene sign up
The sheer frequency of stories detailing MyTown's expanding userbase is a testament to its ever-growing popularity, with Booyah this week revealing the app has now passed the 3.1 million mark.

Given MyTown only hit 2.5 million users back in May, that means the app's own particular brand of urban sprawl is growing at a rate of 200,000 new users every month.

Said users have collectively checked in 400 million times in the last 6 months, with the app's new product check-in service – where users scan barcodes for extra check-in points – proving to be a hit in its own right, averaging 350,000 check-ins a week post launch.

Pushing products

As a result, Booyah has revealed two new brands – H&M and Pantene – are set to join the product check-in party, offering exclusive items to players who scan their products in-game.

"Players simply scan the bar code of their favourite Pantene or H&M items using the built in iPhone camera, or input the numbers if using an iPod/iPad, to unlock branded items packed with points and virtual cash," the firm reveals on its blog.

MyTown recently launched in the UK, Australia and Canada, with CEO Keith Lee stating Booyah intends to keep its app on top of the exploding location graph by launching in further territories, and indeed formats, in the future.

"Our launches in the UK, Australia and Canada are just the beginning of bringing real world gaming to players across the globe," he said at the start of August.

MyTown's closest competitor is Foursquare, which hit 1.8 million users in June.

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