Appolicious launches Android app, debuts Yahoo! Apps portal

Directory strengthens relationship with web giant

Appolicious launches Android app, debuts Yahoo! Apps portal
Marking what has proved to be a bit of a bumper day for mobile marketplaces and app directories alike, Appolicious has today launched both an app on Android Market and a dedicated portal for Yahoo! Apps.

The latter marks an expansion of the existing relationship between the two parties, with Appolicious having rebranded its websites to link-up with Yahoo! back in April.

Now Appolicious has launched a dedicated Yahoo! Apps website, listing the firm's entire range – from games to sports, news and shopping apps – in one directory.

Coming together

"In the current application-driven media environment, Yahoo! brings us an array of wonderful web-based apps that deliver all of those functions and more," Appolicious' Kristen Nicole says on the new website.

"As well, the vast majority of apps that can be accessed via Appolicious, Yahoo! Pulse, and other areas across are created by third-party developers.

"The benefit to the marketplace approach is the range of apps to choose from, as well as the innovation that comes from the development community."

The new Yahoo! site coincides with the launch of Appolicious' first Android app.

With the company having already launched apps on both iPhone and iPad, its new Android presence has been backed up by the redesign of the Appolicious owned website – which it acquired after its purchasdes of AppVee back in February.

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