Gaming portal Spil embraces mobile with launch of dedicated HTML5 websites

Also kicks off $50,000 developer contest for more content

Gaming portal Spil embraces mobile with launch of dedicated HTML5 websites
One of the largest online gaming portals with over 130 million unique visitors per month, Dutch outfit Spil Games is embracing HTML 5, launching mobile versions of its 41 websites.

Accessing any of these (such as and via an mobile HTML5 browser will now automatically redirect you to its dedicated mobile version.

At present, however, only six relatively simple games - the same across all websites - appear to be available.

Level playing field

The company explains that the web protocol enables it to overcome the problems of different hardware, operating systems, and platform approval processes when it comes to mobile apps.

"Thanks to HTML5's open standard, developers only have to develop a game once, and it can be easily deployed on all devices with browsers supporting HTML5, such as PCs, iPads, iPhones and Google phones," it states.

It goes on to says that it thinks HTML5's openess will be a game changer for mobile gaming, particularly in terms of enabling users to instantly play games without worrying about installation and app stores.

Big open future

"Openness is at the core of everything we do, which is why HTML5 fits so well with our company mission to unite the world in play," said Peter Driessen, Spil's CEO.

"We are aware that HTML5 is still at an early stage, but already developers can use it to make great games, and we are confident that the industry will quickly embrace it. Within three years, we expect HTML5 to be the standard in gaming devices.

Building portfolio

Indeed, such is its commitment to the technology that it's also launching an HTML5 developers content.

With a total prize pot of $50,000 - including a monthly $5,000 first prize - mobile games created using HTML5 can be uploaded to the contest website, with first, second and third prizes being awarded on a monthly basis.

All games will be featured on Spil's mobile sites, and submission of games does give Spil certain rights over your content, so before submission, check out the full details.

[source: Spil Games]
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