Windows Phone 7's Xbox Live expert Andre Vrignaud leaves for Amazon

Whispernet who dares?

Windows Phone 7's Xbox Live expert Andre Vrignaud leaves for Amazon
With Microsoft almost ready to open up the gates for its big Windows Phone 7 launch, the usual shifting around is happening behind the scenes.

In that sense, we're not reading too much into the departure of its Xbox Live expert Andre Vrignaud (aka Ozymandias) to Amazon.

Sleepless in Seattle

As detailed on his blog, the eight year Microsoft veteran says:

"Well, I guess I'll just cut to the chase and say that I'm moving on from Microsoft to take a new role at Amazon. Can't really talk about details at this point, but it'll become pretty evident soon enough... and you all know where my passions lie."

Of course, there is some interest in the fact that a connected game and community expert is moving to Amazon. But it would be too much to assume this means Amazon is planning a strategic push into connected Kindle gaming and community via Whispernet, wouldn't it?

In the meantime, let's just watch Microsoft's Lawrence of Arabia inspired Window Phone 7 trailer ad.

Let's hope there's fewer sadomasochistic Turks and motorcycle accidents (and I'm not going near Iraq and the Sykes–Picot Agreement) in Microsoft's version compared to Lean's masterpiece.

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