SPIL Games and Google announce HTML5 Game Jam

Hilversum, Holland or San Francisco, October 9 -10

SPIL Games and Google announce HTML5 Game Jam
Web games publisher SPIL Games has already nailed its colours to the HTML5 mast, and now it's further encouraging developers to get to grips with the technology, launching the HTML5 Game Jam.

Organised in conjunction with Google, the event will take place at each companies' HQ - Hilversum, Holland and San Francisco, USA - on the weekend of October 9 -10

Crazy with code

Described as a hacking event, it will kick off at 10am with some short talks on the technology, followed by pitches from anyone with ideas for great games.

Then it's time for coding with short presentations at the day's end. There will also be chill-out areas with games and diversions, food, prizes, and a few surprises.

"This game jam is the latest development in our HTML5 strategy, and we're thrilled to work with Google on this," said Peter Driessen, CEO of SPIL Games.

"An open, free weekend of hardcore coding fits perfectly in our strategy to unite the world in play. We can't wait to see what comes out of the weekend."

Interested developers can sign up using this form.

SPIL Games is also running a monthly developers contest for HTML5 games. You can find details here

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