DeNA expands social gaming output with purchase of Gameview

Japanese powerhouse spreading its wings in America

DeNA expands social gaming output with purchase of Gameview
While many social gaming acquisitions represent a firm's tentative first steps in the arena, others signify the expansion of an already solid base.

Japanese outfit DeNA, which is currently a major force in social gaming in its home territory, is a prime example of the latter, its investment in Aurora Feint and partnership with Yahoo! both marked attempts to expand its influence overseas.

The acquisition of social games developer Gameview would seem to be another move in the same direction, with the American studio having been behind iPhone releases such as Tap Ranch, Tap Fish: Exotic, and Tap Birds, amongst others.

Family of footprints

It's a purchase DeNA openly admits is designed to expand its influence on the social gaming scene in America, coming just weeks after the company opened up its Yahoo Mobage platform to US based developers.

"Our acquisition of Gameview today is congruent with our goal of rapidly expanding our mobile footprint as a leading brand and platform in mobile social gaming," said DeNA CEO Tomoko Namba.

"We were impressed by the creativity and passion that the Gameview team has for creating addictive and engaging gaming experiences, we're excited to welcome them into the DeNA family."

MiniNation, big purchase

Indeed, Gameview's strategic importance to DeNA shouldn't be underestimated.

The company has confirmed it will use Gameview's influence with consumers to push socially aware gamers towards its MiniNation platform – its smartphone subsidiary designed to serve up short, casual games to entry level gamers.

"The overwhelmingly wide range of games and active users in the community are the formula for success DeNA has utilised on Mobage-town in Japan," concluded Namba.

"This acquisition will enable DeNA to replicate this success in the smartphone market and MiniNation platform, further expanding DeNA in the global market."

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