Nokia's Ari Jaaksi steps down as MeeGo head

Platform's release schedule remains unaffected

Nokia's Ari Jaaksi steps down as MeeGo head
Following a slew of departures from mobile giant Nokia, the Finnish firm has revealed MeeGo head Ari Jaaksi has quit the company to seek career opportunities elsewhere.

Jaaski, who had been at Nokia since 1998, was in the process of readying Nokia's MeeGo devices in the run up to the platform's launch next year.

However, in a statement delivered to the press earlier today, Nokia simply commented that Jaaksi had "decided to leave Nokia and will pursue new opportunities elsewhere".

Still all go for MeeGo

Jaaksi's resignation follows a series of ins and outs at Nokia, which is looking to regain market share lost to smartphone rivals iPhone, BlackBerry and Android in recent years.

Though still the global mobile leader, the appointment of new CEO Stephen Elop – replacing Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo - would appear to have instigated a changing of the guard at Nokia, with smartphone head Anssi Vanjoki also leaving the firm.

Nonetheless, Nokia has confirmed that Jasski's departure will not impact on MeeGo's planned release schedule - although it has told Engadget that an update on the OS will be made public before the end of 2010.

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