Rovio does 2 million free Angry Birds download on Android

Not quite the 7 million predicted then

Rovio does 2 million free Angry Birds download on Android
It's fair to say everyone got especially excited following Angry Birds' launch on Android last week.

Not only did developer Rovio decide to launch on free app store GetJar in favour of Android Market - also opting to serve up an advertising supported free app instead of the paid model it had plumped for on the App Store - but the sheer weight of interest in the game caused GetJar's website to crash, several times.

As such, early estimates from GetJar pegged Angry Birds' first day downloads potentiallly at somewhere around 7 million.

A few days on, Rovio now claims such an estimate was speculative, offering up the more conservative total of 2 million.

Digging into downloads

Revealed in typical fashion via Twitter, the developer simply commented, "Another day, another million. Passed 2 million downloads on Android."

The real number still represents an impressive adoption rate, with the Android version having done around a tenth of the App Store's current total of 20 million (paid and free) in just a few days.

Rovio reportedly also plans to release a paid version to complement the current free release – rumoured to have been introduced to bypass payment system difficulties on Android – in the near future.

What's more, the appearance of Angry Birds on Android Market post launch, and GetJar's claim its marketplace will soon be able to deliver 10 million downloads a day, suggests Rovio's Android release is likely to catch up with its iPhone cousin in quick time.

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