EA's statement concerning its Chillingo deal

Don't hold your breath over price information

EA's statement concerning its Chillingo deal
EA Mobile (and Chillingo) are keeping tight lipped about the most interesting parts of their deal.

However, there is an official statement from EA Interactive's PR director Holly Rockwood, which covers the five main points.

  • I can confirm EA's purchase of Chillingo for an undisclosed price.

  • EA remains committed to preserving Chillingo's independence and letting them continue to manage and cultivate their great network of relationships with independent developers.

  • By acquiring Chillingo, EA Mobile is increasing its market leadership on the Apple Platform as well as reaffirming its position as the world's leading wireless entertainment publisher

  • This acquisition will combine Chillingo's expertise in cultivating the ideas of independent developers with EA's global mobile publishing reach.

  • Chillingo remains committed to its promise of providing the optimal gaming experience for consumers and diligently listening to all its audiences in order to enhance the titles we bring to market.

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