Firemint's Rob Murray on supporting multiple iPhone hardware in Real Racing 2

Variation of two code bases and two asset sets

Firemint's Rob Murray on supporting multiple iPhone hardware in Real Racing 2
Of course, iPhone fragmentation is nothing like supporting the number of Java handsets mobile developers had to handle before the smartphone era.

Still, Firemint's CEO Rob Murray has been taking about how the company is dealing with multiple iPhone and iPod touch generations when it comes to its forthcoming Real Racer 2.

Back to basics

Fundamentally, it has two code bases; one for iPhone 4 and fourth generation iPod touches, and one for older devices, and a similar split for art assets.

This provides variation in terms of how each set can be used.

"For example the 3GS uses the iPhone 4 build as a base, and the iPod touch 2 build is based on the 1st generation build but with higher framerates," Murray explains.

"I cannot adequately express how much work it has been to support these older devices at the same time as a great iPhone 4 build, but simplifying our task and only dealing with one build would have felt like an unacceptable compromise."

Neatly, there will only be one app to download, no matter what device you're using, although there's no mention of how big it will be.

As for news of the game's iPad release, Murray says, "An iPad adaptation of Real Racing 2 is still a while off. We have big plans for it and it will take more time and a whole lot more work."

[source: Firemint]
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