Samsung signs up to embed DeNA's Mobage social platform in millions of Android phones

Spreading the social magic

Samsung signs up to embed DeNA's Mobage social platform in millions of Android phones
Following its acquisition of ngmoco to combine Japanese and Western social mobile platforms, DeNA has starting building out its partnerships.

Samsung has signed up to support DeNA's Mobage social platform on all its Android handsets.

The first devices are expected to ship in spring 2011.

The platform currently has over 35 million users; 22 million in Japan, and 13.5 million in the rest of the world via ngmoco's Plus+ network.

The friends that play together, pay together

DeNA and ngmoco are currently integrating their technologies into a combined platform, with ngmoco leading the development work.

Mobage will become the default social gaming network for Samsung's Android phones, as the company says it will 'fully promote' its collaboration with DeNA to all its consumers.

Mobage encourages longer and more frequent play sessions by a deep integration of games and social features.

In turn, this boosts the use of in-app purchases, with DeNA expecting to announce more than $1 billion in 2010 revenue and a 50 percent profit margin.

Samsung smile

"We are pleased to collaborate with ngmoco. As social gaming features rise in popularity and importance for mobile experiences, Samsung will continuously invest to provide the best experience to our consumer," said Kwanghyun Kwon, senior vice president of Media Solutions Center, Samsung Electronics.

"We are very enthusiastic about working with such a progressive leader in handsets as Samsung to bring Mobage to tens of millions of customers everywhere," said Neil Young, ngmoco's CEO.

"We're committed to building the biggest and best social gaming platform in the world and will be constantly expanding Mobage with global strategic relationships throughout the coming year."

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